Van Taylor Betrayed Us

Once a Conservative Fighter…Van Taylor now votes with the


2019 Conservative Record


2020 Conservative Record


Source: FreedomWorks Congressional Scorecard

What Happened???

Van Taylor wants to FUND the Vaccine Mandates

Van Taylor cozied up to Biden and refused to join Republicans to stop funding the illegal and job killing vaccine mandates.

The Proof

Van Taylor did not sign the Bicameral “Defund Vax Mandates” letter sent to the Republican leadership (McCarthy & McConnell).  View signed letter here.

Van Taylor voted FOR the Phony January 6th Commission

Van Taylor voted with Democrats to back Pelosi’s biased January 6th commission enabling the imprisonment of their political enemies, conservatives, without Due Process.

The Proof

Van Taylor was one of ONLY two Texas GOP Congressmen to vote in favor of the Jan 6 commission.

“35 House Republicans in total voted in favor of the commission, with Taylor and Rep. Tony Gonzales of San Antonio being the only two from Texas.”

Texas Rep Louie Gohmert: “We have been continually stonewalled, belittled, ignored, and even demonized by the Department of Justice, leadership at the Capitol Police, and the Bureau of Prisons. They each ignore requests and questions, refusing to allow oversight of their actions which gives every appearance of a cover-up of wrongdoing.”

While Texas Rep Louie Gohmert was working to ensure due process for these political prisoners, Van was ignoring his constituents’ demand of fair treatment and to end the “heinous mental and physical abuses against these prisoners at the D.C. Central Detention Facility.”

From the House floor, Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert called January 6 defendants “political prisoners held hostage by their own government.” 

Make your voice heard.

Vote AGAINST Van Taylor.

VOTE EARLY: February 14-25


Van Taylor left Texas moving his family to the DC swamp and sold us out for cocktail parties with New York Times reporters.

Collin County deserves better than another swamp creature.

Make your voice heard.

Vote AGAINST Swamp Creature Van Taylor.

VOTE EARLY: February 14-25


Van Taylor Moved to the SWAMP

When Van Taylor was elected, he promised to take our Texas Conservative values to DC. But instead, he moved to DC with his family and became part of the SWAMP.

The Proof

“Taylor’s longtime supporters disapprove of him aligning with Democrats as part of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus. They’re also disappointed he relocated his family to the D.C. area (though he maintains a home in the district), a move they believe disconnects him further from his constituents.”

Missing in Action on Fauci

While Conservatives like Senator Rand Paul exposed Fauci’s lies about funding gain of function in Wuhan, Van Taylor went silent enabling the shut down of churches and local businesses.

The Proof

Van Taylor has made no public statements condemning Fauci for lying about gain of function research or the false trajectory of the models used to shut down the country.

Van Taylor has voted in lock step with more spending and federal power to enact Covid restrictions.

Voted Yes on HR 6074 – Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act

Voted Yes on HR 6201 – Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Bows to Big Tech & China

Van Taylor forgot his Texas roots. In DC, he kowtows to big tech wrecking Texas startups and helps China steal our intellectual property.

The Proof

Refused to co-sponsor H.R.5874 – Restoring America’s Leadership in Innovation Act of 2021, which reverses 15 years of Big Tech and Chinese lobbied damage to the U.S. patent system that is driving investment in startups and their innovation to China.

Replaced our History for Wokeness

Instead of standing for American and Texas history, Van Taylor voted with Pelosi to remove it from DC so it could be replaced with woke symbolism.

The Proof

Only days after Texas Republicans made protecting and preserving historical monuments, statues, and other items a legislative priority, Van Taylor voted to remove them from the U.S. Capitol.

VOTE EARLY: February 14-25